Over Our Heads

Over Our Heads

Morbid Curiosity Makes Me Want To Know More.


green eyed monster

Here's a haiku that expresses my feeling on the movie "We Are Marshall".

One: We are Marshall!
Two: Getting very sleepy...
Three: Out like a light.

Yeah, that was a five dollar nap. At least I didn't pay full price.

Boy oh boy do I need to get away. I started driving to Wendover Nevada the other night just for heck of it. I decided I would go into the casino, put $20 on a table (like in the movies), and walk out $20 poorer or a whole lot richer. After all, I am guided by a force much greater than luck. Unfortunately I didn't make it the whole way there because it was Monday night and I thought maybe I should go home and go to bed so I can wake up for work tomorrrow.

Dang responsibility.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Wendover, it's like a smaller version of the Las Vegas strip. A much, much smaller version.

Home to this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

But to get there from where I live, you first have to drive through this:

That is not snow, it's salt.

Anyways, maybe next weekend.

Get ready to see the mileage log to your right jump significantly tomorrow. I've got a big run to do. This is for the resolution I set to run a race.


in case we get disconnected

I have finished all my work today and I find myself with nothing else to do but look out a window high up over our valley at a beautiful sunset. That's not so bad. I like working here. I also like that they set up a 20 foot Christmas tree in the lobby with fake presents under it. I also like that I just got my new insurance cards and I am going to be double covered for two months. I am going to get as much doctoring in as possible during January and February.

So back to my New Years resolutions, I started on the Theory of Relativity by Einstein on top of the other five books I'm reading right now. So far I find it wholly readable, and I recommend it. More on resolutions later.

I want to go on vacation by myself. Anyone have any ideas of where to go? It can't be too outrageously expensive. I'd like it to be extremely unique, a vacation that I will have great stories to tell about when I get back. No hitch hiking, all other ideas will be entertained.

Happy New Years

P.S. I don't like how Blogger tries to trick me into signing up for beta everytime I log in. I remember what happened to blogger friend Daniel, and I don't want to go there!



To explain my absence: I was having a hard time the past few months. I had some serious stuff go down and I haven't been myself and I am sorry. However, I have felt pretty good in the last few days though. That being said I will now gloss over it and blog about something.

Hey, I know guys! Here's a list of my resolutions:

1. Run a race with Christy in April.
2. Be my normal self and stop avoiding people.
3. Perfect my small talk and mingling skills.
4. Read more science books.
5. Learn how to make more balloon animals.
6. Finally use the most excellent comeback I thought of a few months ago that I've been saving for the perfect time.
7. Stop avoiding problems and confront them instead. (This will be a hard one. I usually like to avoid if possible, and bottle things up if not possible.)

I feel these are achievable goals. I am starting this minute actually. So, what do you think about this weather we've been having? How's your grandma? I love your sweater! Have you met Don? I believe you are both big Packers fans...

Okay I think that will do it for now. I haven't blogged for a while and I don't want to sprain anything.

Merry Christmas

Heavens! I'm nearly a perfect gentleman! If I can do it, what's wrong with some of you guys out there???

You Are 88% Gentleman

No doubt about it, you are a total gentleman.
You please the pickiest ladies, and you make everyone in a room feel comfortable.



Do you ever go somewhere only to feel instantly sorry you did and ready to escape at the first possible opportunity? I sometimes find myself somewhere wishing I was elsewhere. Sometimes I get all the way up to the door of a place and suddenly decide to not go in. Does anyone else understand/experience that?

I have just come back from travelling to attend to some exhausting and draining family matters. Over the weekend December came, and everyone is getting into Christmas events but I am not. I just feel like laying low and staying at home every weekend until I die. I know you have to get out and socialize just to survive in this world, but I am tired. I suppose people are going to have to come to me, or will just have to be alienated for now, because I don't have the energy for those things. To put it into sci fi geek terms I'm operating in survival mode and all auxillary systems will have to be shut down for the time being.

That being said, going through this time has taught me some important things.
1) I can handle more than I think I can.
2) Helping people makes me happy.
3) I know who my friends are and who I can rely on for support.
4) No matter what happens, I have some unshakable values and beliefs that hold me up.
5) Fear is irrelevant.

It seems simplistic written out like that, but I like to keep things easy. If you've ever read this blog before you know, the closest I come to poetry is haikus.

To elaborate on the second point, I'd offer this as advice to anyone who wants to feel good about themselves. It can even restore lost faith in humankind. Find someone to help today.

What kind of Star Trekkie are you?
Your Result: Captain

You are a captain of a great star ship. You are most known for your innovative tactics, and...erm excursions on the side. Your brilliance in odd sitiuations has made you the youngest captain ever.Sit on that comfy captain's chair... "Engage!"

Red shirt
You are a Vulcan or an android.
Omnipotent being
What kind of Star Trekkie are you?


i have just received some very bad news

Yay mosaics!! Here is a picture of myself that I mosaicized. I am wearing my best bonnet and apron. Would you like to join me in my MOSAIC MADNESS?

Click on me to see what millions of tiny little pictures I am made of, okay?!! Do it! Do it now!!!

Tonight I bought some consulting services at an auction. The person offering the services isn't exactly a consultant. Not a financial consultant or any official kind of consultant anyways. So as I understand it, I've bought the advice and opinions of this individual. If anyone has anything they'd like me to run by this person, let me know. I'll report back the results. I also bought a birdhouse, a scarf, three times of having my car detailed, and one sixth of a dinner for six. I almost accidentally bid on a date with four girls. You see I make wild gestures when I talk, and they were misconstrued as bidding. Fortunately someone bid again because that would have been akward. But it's okay, because it was all for the children.

Okay, now I have to get back to indexing.


baby theme

I made a new collage. This one is nicer. Don't you love cute baby animals? I do.

I changed my mind about the James Bond movie. I liked it. Here is a new haiku about it:

awesome foot chase scene
lived through poison and torture
this Bond is the best

My sister is having another baby. My family was together and she and my brother-in-law were dropping hints all night and I was the only one to pick up on it. Here is a picture of my darling nephew. He had to go to the hospital the other night because he had croup but he is ok.

It's nice to have a long weekend for the holidays, but I get bored. Anyways, that's all I got.

I hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving. Take some time to think about what there is to be thankful for.


I wanted to be a ping pong champion